My thoughts on the Nuke 11 announcement

I thought that you weren’t suppose to talk about software in beta, but then FX Guide released a dump truck full of information about Nuke 11, so I figure it’s fair game to chime in.

To be blunt, I’m disappointed. As a compositor who works at a small studio and is in Nuke every day, I get most excited by tools that either greatly speed up my work or allow me to do something I wasn’t able to do before.

Foundry (it will take a while to get use to dropping the ‘The’) is really focusing on their ‘Live Groups’ collaborative workflow for Nuke 11, which to me really just looks like a ‘Precomp’ node on steroids. Which is great, except that I hardly ever have to break up my shots for multiple artists to work on. I’ve used the Precomp node exactly once, because it was easier to just have the artist email me their comp and I would copy and paste it into mine.

It’s not like I’m against Live Groups, it’s fine. I just wish there was other stuff to get excited about.  Nuke 10 came out almost a year and a half ago and this is the standout new feature? The other features are an updated Lens Distortion tool (I’ve never had trouble with the old one), adding Temporal Denoising and ummmm….

I can think of a few things I would have liked better. Maybe:

  • Improved 3D workspace (allowing for heavier geometry)
  • Adding machine learning to the keying tools like that Disney video that came out a while ago.
  • Maybe something that will help me roto things faster.
  • Projecting on deforming geometry that ‘sticks’.
  • Making the 2D tracker world class.
  • Getting the Planar Tracker up to the Mocha standard

…and on and on it goes. It really feels like Nuke development has greatly slowed down since the days of Nuke 6 and 7. It really seemed like they were cranking out updates at an insane pace back then, really pushing and refining the tools.

I wish I could tell Foundry that I don’t give a damn about Nuke Studio, I need Nuke to constantly push the envelope of what compositing can do.

Comments are more than welcome.  Am I missing something here?

Nuke 11 and Elara at The Foundry

In this tutorial, that I did because my ps4 is broken and I have nothing else to do, I'm gonna explain how to use a 4x4 matrix to invert the animation of a plane, this is very useful and I use it almost everyday, not only to invert transformations, but to rotate and align vectors, transform objects, stick objects to another object surface and so on.