MPC Shuts Down London Comp Team?

Keep in mind that these are unconfirmed rumours off of Twitter.  This would be the same department that was trying to unionize in late 2015/early 2016.

Ewan Croft is a video-game artist at Hangar 13 Games, a 2K Games studio north of San Francisco where he works as Technical Art Director on story driven, open-world games such as Mafia 3. Ewan's talk will explore how Hangar 13’s use of Houdini evolved from a content production tool for simulations and dynamics, to an integrated - via Houdini Engine - tool-building development solution, supported by a dedicated team of procedural content artists and engineers focusing on delivering life and variety to our large, open-worlds through proceduralism.
An old camera mapping test, you can read more about it here:
A few quick sims to test out creating constraints on impacts. The sims are a bit crappy, but the basics work! The hip files can be got over here -