This instructional video explains how to launch an Arnold rendering request from our Houdini cloud service.
This isn't so much of a "tip", it's more a demonstration of what Houdini's documentation is suggesting: Using a single-value density "material" to fill an (arbitrary) volume and playing with parameters to get just the right balance for "god rays".
Hello everyone, This video is an introduction to Vex, which is the programming language available in Houdini. The video doesn't require any previous knowledge of programming. Jump to the 4 min mark if you want to directly start with the project and skip the explanation. The video will cover relatively wide range of topics including, What is Vex Basic syntax and names of attributes Setting basic values for Position and other stuff Creating custom parameters in the Wrangle SOP How to use the Wrangle SOP instead of the old Point SOP Controlling polyextrude using Vex Creating ramps in Wrangle SOP How to convert a VOP network into Vex. and other stuff. :) regards Rohan Dalvi rohandalvi.net